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Wood Veneer Inlays
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Wood Veneer Inlays
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Something Simple:
Logos Many logo's are capable of being cut from veneer.  Those that can be cut from a round 'plug' are especially economical to install using a common Forstner bit.  In this example the logos are 1" around.
Because the logo is reversible, the customer gets 2 for 1. The 'waste' from one set is actually another set.
Total price for 100 sets (50 of each) was $69.60 -- That's less than 70 cents a piece to add a level prestige to your product.

Something More Elaborate:
Process Animation We can create an inlay pattern from almost any source (such as this photo).
Complete Inlay This inlay measures just over 5" x 7" (13 x 18 cm).
Original Photo Most vector drawings, scanned drawings or photos like the one here can be converted to cuttable patterns.
Raster Image When cutting from raster images, we start by quantizing your image before giving you a tentative quote.
Cutting Your order is laser cut from the veneers you select with CNC precision.
Template You can also have us make a template to help in clearing the inlay area accurately.
Once you decide what veneers you want, how the grain should be oriented, and give any other special instructions we give you a firm quote and a tentative schedule on the production of your job.  When you accept the quote (by clicking on "Place an Order" and following the instructions) your job is released and the materials are cut and shipped according to our schedule.

Router Process When you receive your materials, installation begins with your clearing the appropriate pattern to the correct depth.
Assembly process If your inlay involves multiple pieces, assembly is similar to a jigsaw puzzle.  The level of difficulty depends on your specific pattern.
Complete Inlay This particular inlay involved 4 veneer types and 302 individual pieces.  The cost of quantizing, veneer, a template and 38 feet of laser cutting was under $149 - delivered!.
Installation time depends on your level of skill and experience.  This inlay took the customer about 20 hours of work to assemble and finish.
We use only the highest quality raw wood veneers when cutting your inlays.  

With well over 100 varieties in stock we're sure to have what you want for your project.

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