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Options and Pricing

File processing
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Raster Image

File processing:

  • Files must be either raster images OR vector images.
    • Except under unusual circumstances mixed mode files inevitably result in unnecessary additional expenses.
    • It is not possible to list supported file types because even among files with the same extension, formats vary from version to version. We handle a very large number of formats. It's quite likely yours is supported. 
  • Photos require conversion to a quantized format.
    • One color per cutting layer like the top photo to the right.
    • If you decide to do it yourself be sure to read the FAQ about size issues and 'orphan dots'.
    • Prices start at $20 and many photos run less than $30.
  • Templates and stencils often need additional work.
    • If your template requires custom smoothing; for example - so that that a particular guide bushing will be able to follow all contours - this can cost $20 or more depending on your pattern complexity.
    • If your are having stencils made and your pattern contains portions that would otherwise drop out, this too requires additional work that can only be quoted on a case by case basis.  Surprisingly the stencil of Rebecca (2nd from top) required no such processing!
  • Due to the vast number of vector formats, vector drawings other than 'cut ready' .DXF incur a conversion charge.
    • Prices start at $5 but can be $20 or more if significant work must be done to get them into a 'cut ready' format.


  • Veneer generally runs about 2 to 4 cents per inch and we've got well over 100 varieties in stock so we're quite likely to have what you need.
  • Polycarbonate, acrylic & hardboard used for templates run 4-6 cents per square inch.
  • Stencil materials are generally around 1 to 2 cents per inch.
  • This information is determined at the time of your quote based on market prices.  The above numbers are guidelines to help you estimate.
  • Having trouble deciding what veneers to pick?  Click here.


  • Most jobs incur an $8 Laser setup fee for the first layer and $4 for additional layers.  Your quote will give specifics for your particular job.
  • Cutting costs are based on material thickness & hardness and the number of inches being cut.  
    • Most veneers run about 10 cents per inch.
    • Most stencil materials run 6-8 cents per inch.
    • Template materials are substantially harder and thicker and therefore more expensive to cut.  Generally costs run between $0.65 and $0.95 per Inch. Their may be cheeper ways to cut the template but using the same laser and pattern file to cut the template as to cut the veneer prevents expensive errors.
  • This information is determined at the time of your quote.  The above numbers are guidelines for rough estimations only.

Assembly: of your Multi-part inlay is also an option.   It can be as little as $0.25 per piece to over $1.00.  Since it depends on part sizes and complexity you'll need to contact us concerning your specific job.

Shipping: generally runs about $6 - $8 for smaller orders containing only a few stencils or inlays. Templates and bigger orders are estimated with your quote.

This Stencil was created from a photo of the woman.  There is a zoom in of her earring
Tree inlay created from a retouched photo of a real tree
Signature Inlay created from a scan of an actual signature
Original Photo of Fin used to create the inlay below
Inlay of Fin
photo of raw veneers

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