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Wood Veneer Inlays
Stock Patterns
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 afromosia qc  alder fc  anegre african qc figured  anegre fc fiddleback  anegre fc ripple curl  anegre qc cvg  anegre qc fiddleback  anegre qc heavy curl golden  ash french qc fiddleback 6 8  ash japanese tamo
 ash olive qc contrasty  ash olive swirl  ash white fc crowns  aspen silver fc  avodire qc flash mottle  avodire qc mottled golden  basswood qc 1 32  beach european qc steamed  beach europen ac steamed  beach italian curly herringbon
 beli awoura qc stripe  birch fc  birch fc contrasty  birch white fc  birch white ice  black bean australian qc mottled  bubinga  bubinga pommele  butternut fc  cedar east indian yellow dimpl
 cedar lebanon qc contrasty  cedar western red qc cvg  cerejeira fc golden 1 28  cherry birdseye heavy  cherry birdseye medium  cherry fc  cherry fc figured  cherry qc mottled  congo wood lovoa qc ribbon stripe  dyed italian poplar super black
 dyed movinqui coral white mottled  ebony macassar qc stripe  elm grey fc pecky  elm red quarters  eltimoe african qc beeswing  eucalyptus australian curly  eucalyptus brazilian qc block mot  fir qc cvg  gum red figured tans  gum red figured wild
 harewood fc silver grey  ivorywood fc golden guatambu  jacaranda amarillo fc golden  jatoba qc  jatoba qc stripe  kevazinga pommele  koa hawaiian fc  koa hawaiian fc dark  lacewood australian qc  larch qc 20 50 rings
 laurel  louro preto marbled black  madrone pacific qc lightly striped  mahogany african qc  mahogany honduras fc  mahogany honduras fc light  mahogany honduras fc narrow  makore qc mottled  makore qc shimmer  maple northern birdseye medium
 maple northern birdseye quilt  maple northern fc curly  maple northern fc fiddleback  maple northern hr tiger curl  maple northern ripple curl edge  maple qc  maple red flame eye wormy  maple red wormy  mesquite fc figured smokey tan  mozambique
 oak english brown qc fleck  oak german rift comb grain  oak red fc  oak red fc2  oak red qc figured  oak white fc narrow heart  olive tropical  padouk qc  paldao qc mottled  pau ferro fc black cinnamon
 pearwood swiss curly  pearwood swiss hr  pearwood swis qc  pine fc  pine idaho white qc silver fleck  pine yellow fc  popular green spalated  primavera fc heavy mineral  primavera fc streaked  purpleheart
 rosewood brazillan fc dalberg  rosewood indian fc rainbowed  rosewood indian qc dark violet  rosewood santons fc  sapele african radial  sapele fc  sapele pommele  sapele qc  sapele qc mottled ribbon  sapele quarters
 sassafras ss qk qc figured  satinwood african st ac qc block  satinwood ceylon st cq qc  sugarberry hr 1 28  sugarberry hr silver grey contrasty  sycamore english qc curly  sycamore english qc fiddleback  sycamore german qc fiddleback  teak curly  teak qc
 teak qc striped  teak qc striped2  tulipwood brazilian  volador golden qc olive  walnut argentine gold black  walnut fc  walnut fc2  walnut figured quarters  walnut french half fc figured  wenge qc
 zebrano fc  zebrawood qc

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