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Lots of sites boast slick home made gadgets.
They generally have one of 2 things in common.

They are either works of art or dazzling complex.



A quick dust collector.
Many liquid laundry detergent bottles have mouths that
just fit a standard shop vac hose. Just cut the bottom off.


Just hang'em. Access is quick and easy.
Put some felt on the wall if you don't retract your blades.


Make your own blast gates.
The sleve on the left slides over to cover the slot
when the gate is removed.

Cut the slot into the pipe with a saber saw or jig saw.
You want both ends of the slot to be vertical for the best fit.


Scraper storage is pretty quick and easy to create.


This is a poor man's remote vacuum switch.
The 2 pieces of clear plastic each have a string tied to them.
When pulled, one pushes the OFF button, the other the ON button.

The strings can run thru I hooks to anywhere.
Multiple branches can put on/off access at every machine.

The lower washer is always the OFF string and the upper one is ON.


This is much sturdier and more reliable than many cheap aluminum
fences that appear on low cost machines. The bolt head
is sandwitched between the 2 pieces of wood glued together
to make the knob. The nut is hammered and glued
into a hole slightly too small for the nut in the bottom of the
particle board. Or you could use a T nut.


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